Hi, administrators and instructors of workplace Spanish!!

We specialize in setting up classes for police, fire, paramedic & medical personnel and we have been doing it in Southern California since 1989.

We have our free phrases the first part of the text of our audio CD Quick Spanish for Emergency Responders. Click HERE For free phrases from the Quick Spanish for Law Enforcement CD, click HERE.

Get the out-of-print version of our McGraw Hill booklet Quick Spanish for Emergency Responders CD. For further information, click HERE for packages D1 & D2. We are the ONLY source anywhere!! Our Law Enforcement booklet and CD are still available in bookstores and on line.

I'm David B. Dees, instructor of Spanish for Law Enforcement, Emergency Responders & Nurses/Doctors. I teach California POST certified deputy/police classes, Ventura County (California) Sheriff's Department. I also have taught Spanish for Emergency Responders/Healthcare Professionals at local departments, colleges & hospitals.

My wife and I have developed lots of materials over the past 23 years. Click the links on the left for our materials, freebies and links. For more information on our textbooks/workbooks, click here. For our booklets, click here and our audio CDs, click here.

For your convenience, you may wish to order materials from Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com.  We just updated our emergency workplace Spanish material site from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble. Please click here.

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We have instructor manuals based on our student textbooks and booklets. For our Law Enforcement Instructor Manual, click here. For our Emergency Responder instructor Manual, click here.

You may use our materials for short-term or long-term personal study or classroom instruction:

1) Short-term study with "quick" content, consider our booklets and CDs with workplace terms & basic vocabulary. This provides enough personal training outside the classroom to get the job done.

2) Long-term study with in-depth content, check out our program of personal or classroom  instruction. For more in-depth training,  consider our instructor manual, student textbook, booklet and CDs--plus vocabulary, structure with lots of exercises. This provides, long-term retention and it is  more appealing to "comprehensive" programs of instruction in colleges, language schools, departments and academies with multi-level hours of instruction.

We have updated police & medical  classes. We teach a total of 4 16-hour police classes ( 64 hours), with successful students prepared for bilingual certification, We also include our 3 33-hour police classes (99 hours). For fire & paramedics, we offer 1 33-hour class  & we provide 2 16-hour classes (32 hour) of medical Spanish. See outlines below:

1) Spanish for Law Enforcement, P.O.S.T. Level 1 (16 classroom hours)

2) Spanish for Law Enforcement, P.O.S.T. Level 2 (16 classroom hours)

3) Spanish for Law Enforcement, P.O.S.T. Level 3 (16 classroom hours)

4) Spanish for Law Enforcement, P.O.S.T. Level 4 (16 classroom hours)


5) Spanish for Law Enforcement, P.O.S.T. Level 1 (33 classroom hours)
6) Spanish for Law Enforcement, P.O.S.T. Level 2 (33 classroom hours)
7) Spanish for Law Enforcement, P.O.S.T. Level 3 (33 classroom hours)

8) Spanish for Emergency Responders, Level 1 (33 classroom hours)


9) Spanish for Healthcare Professionals, Level 1 (16 classroom hours)

10) Spanish for Healthcare Professionals, Level 2 (16 classroom hours)


See All Course Outlines here.

Please feel free to ask questions - just drop us a line.  Hope to hear from you.

Hasta luego.

 David B. Dees

Director & Owner

Dees Multilingual Services
79 West Elfin Green
Port Hueneme, California 93041-1809
Phone 805-984-3201; Fax 815-361-7405

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